Communion with God

Author: Jennifer Roberts

The Song of Solomon is a tool for communion with God

Communion with God is achievable in many different ways. A key part of entering into communion with God is understanding that God loves us and is affectionate towards us. This unconditional love causes us to fall more in love with Jesus and the cross. Song of Solomon can be used as a guide map to communion with God.


C. H. SPURGEON (the great 19th cent. preacher) on the Song of Solomon:
“The true believer who has lived near to his Master will find this book to be a mass, not of gold merely, for all God’s Word is this, but a mass of diamonds sparkling with brightness; and all things thou canst conceive are not to be compared with it for its matchless worth.


If I must prefer one book above another, I would prefer some books of the Bible for doctrine, some for experience, some, for example, some for teaching, BUT LET ME PREFER THIS BOOK ABOVE ALL OTHERS FOR FELLOWSHIP AND COMMUNION (my emphasis). When the Christian is nearest to heaven, this is the book he takes with him.” (From the book, “The Most Holy Place”)


I love this exert from Charles Spurgeon about Song of Solomon.  I have had so many deep moments with the Lord while studying the Song of Solomon. In my opinion, the book requires one to go slowly and spend time in the book wrestling through some of the awkward language that feels flowery and poetic. I understood the ways of God and how to achieve communion with Him through studying the Song of Solomon.


We experience communion with God when we understand His affection for us

Song of Solomon 4:7 says this:

You are all fair my love there is no spot in you (NKJV)

Every part of you is so beautiful; my darling perfect is your beauty without flaw within. (TPT)

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. (NIV)


Those words are powerful when you let them penetrate your heart. They cause me to meditate on the cross and the fact that now I am a new creation yet, not only a new creation but also I have the righteousness of God because of the cross. The full access we have to enter into a deep relationship with a holy God is mind-blowing. AND we are beautiful to Him.  This truth fills my heart with gratefulness.


The Song of Solomon is filled with deep truths that give my heart language to flow in expressing my love for Jesus. Song of Solomon is an aid to communion with the Lord. Although many people skip over this book because of the language, it can be a highway into the heart of the Lord.


My book The Journey is my story of growing in understanding and experiencing the Song of Solomon and how it can help you achieve communion with God. I hope it helps you grow deeper in your connection with the Lord. Check it out here

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Communion with God


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